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Right Pane Topology Map Toolbar in the Topology Map Window


The NorthStar Controller topology map toolbar is located in the right pane of the topology map window. The toolbar provides quick access to some functions that are also available when right-clicking the map. Figure 1 shows the names of each toolbar button.

Figure 1: Topology Map Toolbar
Topology Map Toolbar

Table 1 lists the names of each toolbar button and describes what each button does.

Table 1: Topology Map Toolbar Buttons



Selection Tool

Toggles the selection tool to select multiple nodes and links. When ON, holding the left mouse button draws a rectangular selection box. When OFF, holding the left mouse button drags the map to a different location.

Show/Hide Left Control Pane

Shows or hides the left pane of the topology map window.

Show Node List

Shows the nodes list in the left pane of the topology map window.

Group Selected

To create a group, select a set of nodes or other groups in the topology map. Then click this button in the toolbar and specify a name for the group. The selected nodes and groups are combined and displayed as a group icon. Multilevel group hierarchies can be created if several groups are organized together into a single higher-level group.

Ungroup Selected

Ungroups one or more groups that you select. To permanently remove a group from the system, collapse the group, select it, and click Ungroup Selected Groups.

Undo Move Node(s)

Allows you to undo up to 10 node movements or re-layouts.

Redo Move Node(s)

Allows you to redo up to 10 node movements or re-layouts.

Reset to default

Resets the nodes to their initial positions on the map.


The navigator map displays a scaled down version of the topology map window. After zooming in to the level you prefer, a box appears in the navigator map that you can move to view other areas at the same zoom level.

Zoom In

Allows you to zoom in on a particular area of the topology map by drawing a box around the target area.

Zoom Out

Allows you to zoom out of the topology map.

Zoom to fit

Allows you to quickly fit the entire network topology into the topology window. The system only fits the network elements that are visible.

Drag/Rotate Rectangle to move Node(s)

You can create a rectangular box on the map by holding down the left mouse button at a point and dragging the mouse to another point and then letting go of the mouse to create a box.

After creating the rectangle, you can stretch and rotate the nodes in the rectangle.

Paths (click on map)

To perform path display functions in the topology map window, click the Paths button.

The path function graphically displays the path between any two nodes found in the network based on factors such as routing method used, reserved and actual bandwidth allocation, link distance, or oversubscription. Paths are displayed as a solid yellow line. Detailed information about the path is displayed in the console window.

Map Preferences

Displays the Map Preferences window used to customize the map display (for example, background color, font size, and display of parallel links as curves).

Map Help

Displays the online help.