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Known Issues


Table 2 lists known issues in NorthStar Controller Release 4.2.0. The identifier associated with each entry is the tracking number in the Juniper Networks Problem Report (PR) tracking system.

Table 2: Known Issues in NorthStar Controller 4.2.0




Junos OS Release 18.2 R1 PCEP reporting limitation: The current Junos OS Release 18.2 R1 release reports the SR LSP name only. Any path names (for multiple primary paths or secondary path) are not reported via PCEP. The implications for NorthStar Controller Release 4.1.0 are:

  • Only one primary path is supported. Since Junos OS still requires a path name to be specified, when NorthStar sends a provisioning order for NETCONF-based SR LSPs, the primary path name is set to be the same as the SR LSP name.

  • Support for additional primary paths and secondary path could be added for a later NorthStar release, contingent upon support in Junos OS.

  • The user does have the option to disable PCEP and rely on Device Collection configuration parsing to obtain the SR LSP primary path details. The disadvantage of using configuration parsing is that it is a non-real-time pull model, so the Operation Status for the SR LSPs is set as Unknown.