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Known Behavior


The following behaviors are known to occur in NorthStar Controller Release 4.2.0:

  • NorthStar REST API does not return in the REST response the selected routing method:

    • Currently, if a REST API body has routingMethod=Default, the corresponding REST response does not include the routingMethod keyword.

    • NorthStar still computes the ERO properly.

    • In a future NorthStar release, the REST response will properly indicate the selected routingMethod.

  • Re-provision LSPs issue:

    • For a Netconf-provisioned P2MP tree, re-provisioning individual sub-LSPs to go around a failed link can fail under the following conditions:

      • The user re-provisions sub-LSPs separately.

      • The user has a mixture of sub-LSPs with a user-specified strict path and paths computed by NorthStar.

    • The workflow is to re-provision all sub-LSPs of a tree together; NorthStar computes sub-LSPs of a tree as a whole, not individually.

  • Behaviors and limitations related to NETCONF Provisioning of LSPs and Binding SID Support:

    • Automatic rerouting of NETCONF-provisioned LSPs (including NETCONF-provisioned SR LSPs) due to a failure in the network is not supported.

    • The Preview Path button in the Provision LSP window may return a “Cannot find a path!” error message when in fact a path was found and the SR LSP was successfully provisioned. The error message occurs for certain scenarios such as when an SR LSP makes use of a binding SID SR LSP (privateForwardingAdjacency).

  • During PCE initiated LSP, some Cisco routers configured with IOS-XR version can return an error code for an unknown reason. Currently NorthStar Application only reports “NS_ERR_GENERIC” when this issue happens. It is planned to improve this behavior and report the exact error code (e.g. PCEP Error Type = 24 error value = 2 ) in future releases.

  • Behaviors related to Netflow Collector:

    • It can happen that during a NorthStar upgrade from NorthStar 4.0 or 4.1 to NorthStar 4.2, netflowd cannot be started. If netflowd fails to start, run the following command on the system hosting the netflowd collector:

    • The ElasticSearch REST API assumes that LSPs on different routers have different names.

    • In rare case, you might get an empty result in the network information table, Service tab for both summary and detailed information, for example, after a system upgrade. If this happens, you can resolve it by restarting the web process: