NorthStar Controller Web UI Overview


The web UI has five main views:

  • Dashboard

  • Topology

  • Nodes

  • Analytics

  • Work Orders

Figure 1 shows the buttons for selecting a view. They are located in the top menu bar.

Figure 1: Web UI View Selection Buttons
Web UI View Selection Buttons

Some functions and features are not available to users logged in with view-only privilege.

The Dashboard view presents a variety of status and statistics information related to the network, in the form of widgets. Figure 2 shows a sample of the available widgets.

Figure 2: Dashboard View
Dashboard View

The Topology view is displayed by default when you first log in to the web UI. Figure 3 shows the Topology view.

Figure 3: Topology View
Topology View

The Topology view is the main work area for the live network you load into the system. The Layout and Applications drop-down menus in the top menu bar are only available in Topology view.

The Nodes view, shown in Figure 4, displays detailed information about the nodes in the network. With this view, you can see node details, tunnel and interface summaries, groupings, and geographic placement (if enabled), all in one place.

Figure 4: Nodes View
Nodes View

The Analytics view, shown in Figure 5, provides a collection of quick-reference widgets related to analytics.

Figure 5: Analytics View
Analytics View

The Work Orders view, shown in Figure 6, presents a table listing all scheduled work orders. Clicking on a line item in the table displays detailed information about the work order in a second table.

Figure 6: Work Orders View
Work Orders View

Functions accessible from the right side of the top menu bar have to do with user and administrative management. Figure 7 shows that portion of the top menu bar. These functions are accessible whether you are in the Dashboard, Topology, Nodes, Analytics, or Work Orders view.

Figure 7: Right Side of the Top Menu Bar
Right Side of
the Top Menu Bar

The user and administrative management functions consist of:

  • User Options (person icon)

    • Account Settings

    • Log Out

  • More Options (menu icon)

    • Active Users

    • Administration (the options available to any particular user depend on the user’s group and full-access versus view-only privilege level)

      • System Health

      • Analytics

      • Authentication (System administrator only)

      • Device Profile

      • Device Collection

      • License (System administrator only)

      • Logs

      • Server Status

      • Subscribers (System administrator only)

      • System Settings (System administrator only)

      • Transport Controller

      • Users (System administrator only)

      The system administrator (admin) functions can only be accessed by the admin and only when logged in with full-access privilege.

    • Documentation (link to NorthStar Controller customer documentation)

    • NorthStar Planner (launches the NorthStar Planner Java UI, without closing your Operator web UI)

    • About (version and license information)