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Running Simulations for Scheduled Maintenance Events


You can run scheduled maintenance event simulations from the NorthStar Controller to test the resilience of your network. Network simulation is based on the current network state for the selected maintenance events at the time the simulation is initiated. Simulation does not simulate the maintenance event for a future network state or simulate elements from other concurrent network events. You can run network simulations based on elements selected for a maintenance event, with the option to include exhaustive failure testing.

All the elements selected for the maintenance event are considered concurrently down or in a Fail state for the duration of the simulation.

With exhaustive simulation, the simulation still fails all the maintenance event elements concurrently, but simultaneously fails each of the elements in the groups specified for exhaustive failure, one at a time. For example, if node is an element included in the maintenance event, and Links is selected for exhaustive failure, the simulation is performed in the following sequence:

  1. NorthStar fails Node and the first link in the network concurrently.

  2. NorthStar brings the first link back up, leaving node in a Fail state.

  3. One at a time, each of the other links in the topology is taken down and then brought back up.

  4. Finally, node is brought back up.

If you select multiple element types for exhaustive failure, all possible combinations involving those elements are tested. The resulting reports reflect peak values based on the worst performing combination.

To perform maintenance event simulation:

  1. In the Network Information table, right-click in the maintenance event row and select Simulate.

    The Maintenance Event Simulation window, as shown in Figure 1, displays the nodes, links, and SRLGs included in the event.

    Figure 1: Maintenance Event Simulation Window
    Maintenance Event
Simulation Window
  2. Select element types for exhaustive failure (optional) by selecting the corresponding check boxes.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. When the simulation is complete, navigate to Applications>Reports to view reports related to the simulation.