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Viewing Maintenance Events


You can view all Planned, In Progress, Completed, and Canceled maintenance events for network elements from the NorthStar Controller user interface. When a maintenance event is in progress, all nodes, links, SRLGs, and interfaces affected by that maintenance event are unavailable on the network until the maintenance event has completed.

To view scheduled maintenance events on the NorthStar Controller:

  1. From the Network Info window, select the Maintenance tab.

    All planned, in progress, and completed maintenance events are displayed in table format. Table 1 describes the fields displayed in the Maintenance table.

    Table 1: Default Fields Displayed from Network Info > Maintenance Table



    Name assigned to the scheduled maintenance event.

    Note: The name specified for the maintenance event is also used to name the subfolder for reports in the Report Manager.

    Num Links

    Number of links scheduled for maintenance.

    Num Nodes

    Number of nodes scheduled for maintenance.

    Num SRLGs

    Number of SRLGs scheduled for maintenance.

    Num Interfaces

    Number of Interfaces scheduled for maintenance.

    Start Time

    Start time for the maintenance event.

    End Time

    End time for the maintenance event.

    Estimated Duration

    Estimated duration for the maintenance event, which is calculated as the duration between the Start Time and End Time in the Maintenance Scheduler window.


    Owner of the maintenance event.

    Last Modified

    Last time the event was modified.

    Operation Status

    Tracking status for maintenance management:

    • Planned—Event scheduled some time in the future.

    • In Progress—Event is in progress.

    • Canceled—The scheduled event has been canceled. A canceled event is different from a deleted event. Canceled events can be events that were rescheduled or postponed but remain in the maintenance table for tracking purposes. Deleted events are removed from the Maintenance table.

    • Completed—Event finished in the past.


    Comments entered from the Maintenance Scheduler window.


    When selected, NorthStar automatically sets the event’s Operation Status to Completed at the specified End Time.

    Simulation Status

    Status for tracking report generation:

    • Blank—No reports have been generated yet.

    • In Progress—Simulation is in progress.

    • Incomplete—Simulation reports failed to generate.

    • Completed-Pass—Simulation finished and LSPs were successfully rerouted.

    • Completed-Fail—Simulation finished and LSPs failed to reroute.

    Simulation Time

    Indicates the last time the simulation was run. A timestamp indicates the network state of simulation. Rerun simulation overwrites the report and uses current time for the network state.

    Exhaustive Simulation

    Exhaustive simulation scenarios in addition to the element for maintenance:

    • None—No additional exhaustive elements.

    • Link + Node + SRLG—Additional exhaustive elements for Link, Node, SRLG, or all types.


    Button that opens the Maintenance Scheduler window so you can add new maintenance events.


    Button to use to edit existing events. It opens the Maintenance Scheduler window with its fields pre-populated.


    Button to use to delete the event. Button is inactive (grey) when a selected event is in progress.


    Supports the following actions:

    • Auto-highlight—Highlights the elements for maintenance on the map.

    • Simulate Maintenance Event—Performs maintenance event failure simulation with option to include exhaustive failures.

    • Interactively Simulate Maintenance Event—Performs maintenance event interactive failure simulation.

    • View Simulation Report—Opens simulation reports in Report Viewer, if available.

    • Cancel Maintenance Event—Sets status to Canceled. The Path Computation Server does not perform any rerouting.

    • Change Status to Complete—Sets status to Completed. This function is performed after the scheduled maintenance event is complete, and the tunnels will be optimized and rerouted.