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Link Utilization Color Coding


In the lower left corner of the topology map pane, there is a Utilization color legend. Click the legend to enlarge it and enable configuration as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Link Utilization Color Legend
Link Utilization Color Legend

The legend indicates how various RSVP link utilization ranges are color-coded in the topology map, and the ranges are configurable.

Click and drag the slider buttons between colors on the legend to change these percentages. The links in the topology map change color accordingly.

Sometimes links display as half one color and half another color. The presence of two different colors indicates that the utilization in one direction (A to Z) is different from the utilization in the other direction (Z to A). The half of the link originating from a certain node is colored according to the link utilization in the direction from that node to the other node. Figure 2 shows two colors in one of the links between vmx104-11 and vmx105-11-p107.