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Network Browser Window


In the NorthStar Planner window, navigate to File > Open Network Browser to display the Network Browser window as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Network Browser Window
Network Browser Window

When a network model is saved, it is available in the Network Browser window. Each network model is uniquely identified in the Network Browser by its directory path and runcode. The Network Browser also provides additional details for each network project such as the last modified date and time, descriptive comments about the network, and user-defined labels. A label can be applied to one or more networks. Labels and Comments are added to the model when you save it from the File menu.

In the list of models, there is a selection called Live Network Snapshot. This model is a snapshot of the Live Network Model at the time you load it from the Network Browser. It reflects the most recent state of the Live Network.

In the Network Browser, you can filter the network models in the list by selecting a label from the Labels list in the left pane. You can also filter by typing a string in the Search Network box and clicking the magnifying glass icon.

The following actions can be performed in the Network Browser window by selecting a network model and right-clicking to open a menu:

  • To open a network model from the list, double-click an entry from the table or right-click and select Load.

  • To delete a network project, right-click an entry in the table and click Delete.


    The Delete option is not available for the Live Network Snapshot.

  • To refresh a model, right-click an entry and select Refresh. .