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Delta Provisioning


Use delta provisioning to push offline network changes to the Live Network. Delta provisioning is available from the Network Info table and from the Diverse Path Design window.

To initiate delta provisioning while in the Diverse Path Design window, select Action > Delta Provisioning. To initiate delta provisioning from the Tunnel tab in the Network Info table, click Provision at the bottom of the window.

In either case, the Delta Provisioning Step 1. Spec Comparison window is displayed as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Delta Provisioning Step 1
Delta Provisioning
Step 1

Select the radio button to either provision changes compared to the most recent state of the live network (Compare against live network) or compared to an existing spec file that you select using the Browse button. Click Next to display the Delta Provisioning Step 2. Tunnels Changed In This Session window, shown in Figure 2. In this example, the option to provision changes against the live network was selected.

Figure 2: Delta Provisioning Step 2, Modified Tunnel Tab
Delta Provisioning
Step 2, Modified Tunnel Tab

There are tabs for New Tunnels, Modified Tunnels, Deleted Tunnels, and Live-Down Tunnels.

On each tab, select the tunnels you want to provision, either by checking individual check boxes, or by using Shift-click to highlight a number of rows. When you Right-click in the delta provisioning table of entries or click Select at the bottom of the window, you are presented with options for selecting multiple rows on which to perform actions. Click Execute to complete the provisioning.