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NorthStar Analytics Data Retention Policy


The two parameters described in Table 1 work together to control how long collection logs remain in the elasticsearch database. Both parameters are located in /opt/northstar/data/northstar.cfg, and both are user-configurable.

Table 1: Data Retention Policy Parameters




Controls how often the utility is called upon to clean up old logs. The default is one day (1d). The utility runs at approximately 1:00 AM, NorthStar server time.

Units can be hours (h), days (d), or weeks (w).


Defines what is considered an “old log”. The default is 90 days. This can be expressed only in days, so no unit designation is required.

The utility uses the elaticsearch APIs to clean up logs older than the value of the es_log_retention_days parameter. The cleanup task is called from the NorthStar server.

To modify the collection_cleanup_task_interval or es_log_retention_days parameter, use a text editing tool such as vi and modify the value of the parameter. For example:

In this example, logs older than 30 days are purged every seven days.