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Enabling the SNMP Daemon on NorthStar Controller


The SNMP daemon (SNMPD) responds to SNMP request packets. This section describes and provides examples for enabling and running SNMPD on the NorthStar Controller. SNMPD is useful if you prefer to monitor the NorthStar server using your own monitoring system.

The following net-SNMP man page is a good resource for additional information and configuration help:

Perform the steps that follow to enable SNMPD on the NorthStar server. Run all commands in this procedure as the root user on the NorthStar server.

  1. Juniper Networks provides a sample snmpd.conf file in the NorthStar build in the following directory:

    Copy the sample file to your local /usr/share/snmp/ directory.

  2. Modify the /usr/share/snmp/snmpd.conf file to include your company’s settings.
  3. Start the service:
  4. Configure the service to turn on in the event of a reboot:
  5. Confirm that your server is listening on port 161 (default snmpd):
  6. Wait five minutes for trap collection, then check your SNMP collection device or host.

    The sample snmpd.conf file included with the NorthStar build sends the following traps by default:

    • Physical location

    • Contact information

    • Running processes (the supervisord process has been predefined)

    • Mounted filesystems (/ and /home have been pre-established)

    • System load on the machine, including memory and CPU

    The trap2sink line in the sample configuration file tells the host the address of the traps receiver.

Sample snmpd.conf file included with the NorthStar build: