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Simulation Scenarios Window


The Simulation menu is used to run various failure scenarios. You can perform simulations on both new and existing designs to determine resiliency in the backbone. By default, the NorthStar Controller simulations mimic the actual hardware. However, you can also adjust simulation parameters for experimentation and what-if purposes.

In the Juniper NorthStar Planner window, select Simulation > Simulation Scenarios. The Simulation Scenarios window Single Failure tab is displayed as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Simulation Scenarios Window
Simulation Scenarios Window

By default the Simulation Scenarios window displays the Single Failure tab. From the Single Failure tab, you can select exhaustive single failure script types.


The Slot and Card options, although selectable, do not have any effect. These fields are reserved for future functionality.

Scripted simulations are predefined simulation scenarios that provide a quick and easy way for you to test network resiliency for various failures. For each script, a failure report is automatically generated.

The exhaustive single failure scripts fail all network elements of a given type, one at a time.

The single failure script types are:

NodeExhaustively fails every single node in the network.
LinkExhaustively fails every single trunk in the network.
SiteExhaustively fails all sites in the network. A site file is required to define nodes within the same site. Nodes that are not grouped within a site are considered sites by themselves.
SlotExhaustively fails all slots that are defined in the network.
CardExhaustively fails all cards that are defined in the network.
SRLG/FacilityFails all facilities. A facility file is required to define node and trunk facility associations. Trunks that are not associated with a facility are considered to be facilities by themselves.
Parallel LinksExhaustively fails all trunks between all node pairs.

Click Run to execute the scenario. A status message is displayed when the scenario completes.

To display the reports, click Reports. The Reports Manager is displayed.

To run multiple failure scenario scripts, select the Multiple Failures tab. The Simulation Scenarios window Multiple Failures tab is displayed as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Simulation Scenarios Window Multiple Failures Tab
Simulation Scenarios Window Multiple
Failures Tab

To select the number of elements to be failed together, select the Double or Triple check box. Enter the number of cases in the Cases to Simulate field, or to fail all elements, select the Exhaustive Failure check box. Then select the network elements to fail in the Failure Types pane.