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Network Browser Window


In the Juniper NorthStar Planner window, select File > Open Network Browser to display the Network Browser window as shown in Figure 1.

When a network project is saved, it is available in the Network Browser window. Each network project is uniquely identified in the Network Browser by its Path and Runcode. The Network Browser also provides additional details for each network project such as the last modified date and time, descriptive comments about the network, and user-defined labels.

You can filter the projects by user-defined labels by selecting a label from the Labels list in the left pane or by typing a custom string in the Search Network box and clicking the magnifying glass icon. A label is a user-created descriptive tag that can be applied to one or more networks.

Figure 1: Network Browser Window
Network Browser Window

The following actions can be performed in the Network Browser window by selecting a network and right-clicking to open a menu:

  • To open a network project from the list, double-click an entry from the table or right-click and select Open Network.

  • To apply labels to the network and add comments, select an entry in the table, right-click, and select Modify. The Select Project Labels dialog box is displayed as shown in Figure 2. Select the labels you would like to associate with your network. If the label does not exist, click Create New Label and enter a new label. Then select the check box for the new label and click Apply.

    Figure 2: Add Comments and Labels
    Add Comments and Labels
  • To delete a network project, right-click an entry in the table and click Delete. This tags the network with the Recycle Bin label.

  • To restore a network project from the Recycle Bin before it is permanently deleted, click the Recycle Bin, then right-click an entry in the table, and click Restore.

  • To permanently delete a network project, click the Recycle Bin, right-click an entry from the table and click Delete. This deletes the network project files from the hard disk. A backup copy of the network is zipped and placed in the trashbin folder of the network owner.

  • To open the File Manager window, click Open File Manager.