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    NorthStar Controller Web UI Login Window

    You connect to the NorthStar Controller using a modern Web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or later versions of Internet Explorer.

    In the address bar of your browser window, type the secured host external IP address, followed by a colon and port number 8443, for example, The NorthStar Controller login window is displayed, as shown in Figure 1. This same login window grants access to both of the UIs.

    Figure 1: NorthStar Controller Log In Window

    NorthStar Controller Log In Window

    Note: If you attempt to reach the login window, but instead, are routed to a message window that says, “Please enter your confirmation code to complete setup,” you must go to your license file and obtain the confirmation code as directed. Enter the confirmation code along with your administrator password to be routed to the Web UI login window. The requirement to enter the confirmation code only occurs when the installation process was not completed correctly, and the NorthStar Controller application needs to confirm that you have the authorization to continue.

    NorthStar Operator features are available through the Web UI. NorthStar Planner features are available through the Java Client UI.

    Warning: To avoid a Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS (BEAST) attack, whenever you log in to NorthStar Controller through a browser tab or window, make sure that the tab or window was not previously used to surf a non-HTTPS website. A best practice is to close your browser and relaunch it before logging in to the NorthStar Controller.

    A configurable User Inactivity Timer is available to the System Administrator (only). If set, any user who is idle and has not performed any actions (keystrokes or mouse clicks) is automatically logged out of the NorthStar Controller after the specified number of minutes. By default, the timer is disabled. To set the timer, navigate to Administration > System.

    To log in to the NorthStar Controller Web UI, enter your username and password, optionally click the Enable Full Access check box, and click Log In.

    Note: You will be required to change your password after logging in for the first time.

    To log out of the Web UI, click the User Options drop-down menu (person icon) in the upper right corner of the main window, and select Log Out. Figure 2shows the User Options drop-down menu.

    Figure 2: User Options Drop-Down Menu

    User Options Drop-Down Menu

    Modified: 2016-07-10