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Provision Diverse LSP


When creating a route between two sites, you might not want to rely on a single LSP to send traffic from one site to another. By creating a second LSP routing path between the two sites, you can protect against failures and balance the network load.

To provision a diverse pair of tunnels in the network topology, navigate to Applications>Provision Diverse LSP. The Provision Diverse LSP window is displayed as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Provision Diverse LSP Window, Properties Tab
Provision Diverse
LSP Window, Properties Tab

On the Properties tab, the data entry fields are the same as for adding a single tunnel, with the addition of an indication as to whether the tunnels are link, site, or SRLG diverse from each other.


If NorthStar Controller is not able to achieve the diversity level you request, it still creates the diverse tunnel pair, using a diversity level as close as possible to the level you requested.

By default, the tunnel creation is not scheduled, which means the tunnels are provisioned immediately upon submission. Click the Scheduling tab to access scheduling options. Select Once to enable the scheduler options for a single event. Select Daily to enable the scheduler options for a recurring daily event. Click the calendar icon beside the fields to select the start and end dates, and the beginning and ending times.


The time zone is the server time zone.

Click Preview Paths at the bottom of the window to see the paths drawn on the topology map. Click Submit to complete the diverse LSP provisioning.