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Left Pane—Timeline


Figure 1 shows an example of the Timeline display in the left side pane of the Topology view.

Figure 1: Left Pane Timeline Example
Left Pane Timeline Example

The timeline lists activities and status checkpoints with the most recent notations first.

You can use the Timeline to track chronological events as they occur in the network, in order to take appropriate action in real time. You can also use the scroll bar to view past network activities, going back as far as needed.

You can use the filtering box at the bottom of the pane to narrow the display to specific types of event, or to events associated with a specific day or time.

When the timeline is not current, a message is displayed at the top of the Timeline pane inviting you to “click here” to update the display.

You can assess the stability of the MPLS network by tracking changes in the number of LSP Up and Down events over time. You can then analyze whether the occurrence of specific other events affects the number of LSP Up and Down events.

The following event types are included in the Timeline:

Related to nodes:

  • PCEP session goes Down

  • PCEP session goes Up

  • PCEP session becomes ACTIVE

Related to links:

  • Link goes Up

  • Link goes Down

Related to LSPs:

  • Change in the number of LSPs that are Up

  • Change in the number of LSPs that are Down

  • Change in the number of LSPs that are being provisioned

Related to NorthStar Controller:

  • Path optimization start and end times

  • Maintenance events start and end times