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Health Monitoring


The NorthStar Health Monitoring process enhances the health monitoring functionality in the areas of process, server, connectivity, and license monitoring, and the monitoring of distributed analytics collectors in an HA environment.

  • NorthStar Controller licenses are inspected to determine validity. When a login is attempted on a license that is not valid, a license upload page is presented to the user.

  • The health monitor displays cluster, data collector, and connectivity information that is available by navigating to Administration > System Health in the web UI. For HA cluster environments, you can view the process status of all processes in all cluster members in the web UI. Both BGP-LS and ISIS/OSPF peering statuses are also available.

  • Critical health monitoring information is pushed to a web UI banner that appears above the Juniper Networks logo. Conditions that are considered critical include expiring license, disk utilization exceeds threshold, and a server time difference of more than 60 seconds between application servers in an HA cluster.


    The health monitor does not enable NorthStar Controller to take any corrective action regarding these notices. Its responsibility is to monitor and report so the user can respond as appropriate.