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Resolved Issues

Table 3 lists resolved issues in NorthStar Controller Release 3.0.0. The identifier associated with each entry is the tracking number in the Juniper Networks Problem Report (PR) tracking system.

Table 3: Resolved Issues in NorthStar Controller 3.0.0




When processing P flags and I flags in PCEP objects, the PCE and PCC do not honor the P flags and I flags that are carried in the PCEP object.


If you configure unnumbered interfaces on parallel links between two routers, the NorthStar Controller is not able to display accurate connections.


When you modify the attributes of an LSP, the LSP goes down while the controller remains active. When the configuration of a packet LSP is changed to a non-packet LSP configuration, we recommend that you delete the LSP and re-provision it.


The /opt/pcs/db/config/pce_md5.config file does not add nodes dynamically, so new PCEP-enabled nodes cannot be brought up. Reset Topology does not clear the MD5 configuration file on the controller (/opt/pcs/db/config/pce_md5.config). When you change topologies, you must manually delete this configuration file.


Output of the show path-computation-client status command incorrectly includes the count of externally provisioned LSPs.


The set protocols pcep max-provisioned-lsps command does not prohibit creation of new PCE-initiated LSPs beyond the configured limit. When changing the value of max-provisioned-lsps, the new value must be greater than the number of LSPs currently provisioned on the router.


The PCS is taking approximately three minutes for re-provisioning of an LSP with a link down event.


A SPRING LSP cannot be created after upgrading the NorthStar Controller build.


If an SR-LSP with required path fails because the link on its path failed, the LSP operational status displayed in the LSP window is empty, where it should display as “Unknown”.

Modified: 2017-07-24