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Configuring the Physical Servers in a Distributed Deployment


For a distributed deployment, you must configure the Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) and Contrail Analytics servers (or nodes, if you are using a node server) before you run the installer.

To configure the servers:

  1. Configure hostnames for the physical servers.
  2. Configure IP addresses for the Ethernet management ports of the physical servers.
  3. Configure DNS on the physical servers, and ensure that DNS is working correctly.
  4. Configure Internet access for the physical servers and nodes.
  5. From each server and node, verify that you can ping the IP addresses and hostnames of all the other servers and nodes in the distributed deployment.
  6. For a production environment, install Contrail OpenStack on the Contrail Analytics server.

    Refer to the Contrail documentation for information about installing Contrail OpenStack.