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Uploading the vSRX VNF Image for a Centralized Deployment


The Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) installer places the vSRX image in the /var/www/html/csp_components directory on the installer virtual machine (VM) during the installation process. You must copy this image from the installer VM to the Contrail controller node and upload it to make the vSRX virtualized network function (VNF) available in a centralized deployment.

To upload the vSRX VNF image for a centralized deployment:

  1. Log in to the installer VM as root.
  2. Set up an SSH session as root to the Contrail controller node.
  3. Copy the vSRX-img file from the installer VM to any directory on the Contrail controller node.

    For example, if the IP address of the Contrail controller node is, and you want to copy the file to the root directory:

    root@host:/# scp /var/www/html/csp_components/vSRX-img root@
  4. Check whether you have an OpenStack flavor with the following specification on the Contrail controller node.
    • 2 vCPUs

    • 4 GB RAM

    • 40 GB hard disk storage

    For example:

    root@host:/#openstack flavor list

    If you do not have a flavor with the required specification, create one.

    For example:

    root@host:/# openstack flavor create m1.vsrx_flavor --ram 4096 --disk 40 --vcpus 2
  5. Access the directory where you copied the image on the Contrail controller node, and upload it into the Glance software.

    For example:

    root@host:/# cd root
    root@host:/root# glance image-create --name vSRX-img --is-public True --container-format bare --disk-format qcow2 < vSRX-img

    You must name the image vSRX-img to ensure that the virtual infrastructure manager (VIM) can instantiate the VNF.

To verify that you can manually instantiate the vSRX VNF:

  1. Access the OpenStack dashboard.
  2. Create an instance of the vSRX image.
  3. Select Projects > Instances.

    The status of the instance should be spawning or running. You can click the instance to see its console.

    If you need to investigate the image further, the default username for the vSRX-img package is root and the password is passw0rd.