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Removing a Previous Deployment


You can remove the existing virtual machines (VMs) and perform a completely new installation. This approach makes sense if the architecture of the VMs on the Contrail Service Orchestration node or server has changed significantly between releases.

To remove a previous installation:

  1. Remove VMs on the physical server.
    1. Log in to the CSO node or server as root.
    2. View the list of VMs.

      For example:

      root@host:~/# virsh list --all

      This command lists the existing VMs.

    3. Remove each VM and its contents.

      For example:

      root@host:~/# virsh destroy csp-ui-vm
      root@host:~/# virsh undefine csp-ui-vm

      Where, csp-ui-vm is the name of VM you want to delete.

    4. Delete the Ubuntu source directories and VM.

      For example:

      root@host:~/# rm -rf /root/disks
      root@host:~/# rm -rf /root/disks_can
      root@host:~/# cd /root/ubuntu_vm
      root@host:~/# rm -rf
  2. Delete the Salt server keys.

    For example:

    root@host:~/# salt-key -D