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Setting Up an SD-WAN Deployment


To set up an SD-WAN implementation:

  1. Access Administration Portal by logging into Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) with the MSP Administrator login.
  2. Create a point of presence (POP) for the SD-WAN deployment.Best Practice

    Create different POPs for Hybrid WAN and SD-WAN deployments so that it’s clear which physical device (in this case the hub device) to select when you configure the spoke sites.

  3. Access the POP that contains the hub device for the SD-WAN deployment.
  4. Add the hub device as a router to the POP.
    • You must supply the serial number of the hub device.

    • Select the SRX_Advanced_SDWAN device template.

    Multiple tenants can share the hub. You typically use one hub for each POP.

    The device should have the status Provisioned and an Activate Device link in the Management Status column on the POPs page in Administration Portal.

  5. Activate the hub device in one of the following ways:
    • Use the remote activation utility on the SRX Series device.

    • Manually activate the device.

      1. Copy the Stage 1 configuration from the Routers page in Administration Portal to the SRX Series device console.
      2. Click Activate next to the hub device in the Routers page of Administration Portal.
  6. Access the tenant view for the customer.
  7. Add a cloud site to specify which hub site the tenant uses.
  8. Create an on-premise spoke site for the customer and specify the LAN segments that connect to the CPE device.
  9. Configure network connectivity and device images for the site.
  10. Activate the device at the site.
  11. Access the All Tenants view.
  12. Install Application Signatures on the CPE device.
  13. Access the tenant view for the customer.
  14. Create and deploy the SD-WAN policy.
  15. Create one or more SLA profiles for the customer.
  16. Monitor application visibility and SD-WAN events.

    If an SLA violation occurs, CSO automatically switches the traffic from one WAN link to another on the CPE device. You can track these occurrences and view associated alarms in the Monitor Pages in both the All Tenants and specific tenant views.

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