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Setting Up a Centralized Deployment


Before you set up a centralized deployment, complete the following tasks:

To set up a centralized deployment.

  1. Log in to Administration Portal as a service provider operator.

  2. Create the POPs and associated resources.

    • You must create a (Virtualized Infrastructure Manager) VIM for each POP.

    • You can add an MX Series router as a physical network element (PNE) to provide a Layer 3 routing service to customer sites through use of virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instances.

    • You add the Junos Space element management system (EMS) if you use a VNF that requires this EMS.

  3. Add or import customers (tenants) in Administration Portal.

  4. Access Contrail and add the following rule to the default security group in the Contrail project.

  5. Allocate network services to each customer.

  6. Upload licenses for other VNFs.

  7. Access the view for a specific customer.

  8. Create cloud sites for the customer.

    1. Create a regional service edge site for each branch site in the customer’s network.

    2. Create a local service edge site if customers access the Internet through the corporate VPN

  9. If you configured a PNE, then associate the PNE with the site and configure a VRF for each customer site.

For detailed information about using Administration Portal, see the Contrail Service Orchestration User Guide.