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Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in Juniper Networks CSO Release 3.3.0.

  • You can use the Administration Portal to upload licenses to CSO; however, you cannot use the Administration Portal to install licenses on physical or virtual devices that CSO manages. You must use the APIs or the license installation tool to install licenses on devices.

  • If sites are removed without first undeploying the associated policies, the removal of SLA profiles fails.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-13179

  • ZTP fails on SRX 3xx Series device CPE because DHCP bindings already exist on CPE.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-13446

  • If you create a firewall policy and deploy it to the device, and subsequently create one or more firewall policy intents without redeploying the policy, the firewall policy is automatically deployed to the device when there is a change in the topology, such as the addition of a new site, department, or LAN segment.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-15794

  • In rare cases, site routes are not advertised to the hub, which results in the sites not being reachable.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-16145.

  • Sorting by Administrator on the Tenants page displays an error message.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-16642

  • Automatic Policy deployments on new site addition (for example, auto NAT, firewall, SD-WAN) can sometimes fail because trusted certificates might be installed on the device in parallel.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-16652

  • When configuring an SRX Series spoke device in a multihoming topology with a cloud hub and enterprise hub, Administration Portal displays a Primary Hub and Secondary Hub must belong to a same Device Family error message.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-16662

  • The preferred link for the underlay is not displayed in the GUI.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-16785.

  • When the MX Series device is used as a hub, site-to-site traffic in the reverse direction in the hub-and-spoke topology might not take the desired path from the hub to the originating spoke. However, there is no traffic loss.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-15970.

  • When you perform the microservices VM failure tests and the Kubernetes nodes go to the not ready state, some Docker pods might not come up in the running state.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-16541.

  • Dynamic SLA is not supported for full mesh topology; only static policies are supported.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-17087.

  • Site names across tenants must be unique, that is, you cannot use the same site name across tenants.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-17483.

  • When you create an antivirus profile, the engine types Kaspersky and Juniper Express are not supported.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-17901.

  • ZTP for SRX Series devices does not work with a redirect server because a BOOTSTRAP complete message is not received when ZTP is initiated through a redirect server.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-14099

Modified: 2018-07-29