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Documentation Updates

This section lists the errata and changes in the Cloud CPE Solution Release 3.2 documentation:

  • Configuring devices from the POPs landing page—From Cloud CPE Solution Release 3.1 onward, you can configure devices from the POPs page as follows:
    1. Select Resources > POPs > Pop-Name.

      The Pop-Name page appears.

    2. Click the Routers tab.
    3. Select the device that you want to configure and click the Configure Device button.

      The Stage 2 Config page appears. This page is dynamically rendered based on stage-2 configuration specified in the device profile.

    4. Enter the configuration data on the page.
    5. Click Save to save the configuration.

      A confirmation message is displayed and the deployment status changes to pending deployment.

    6. Click Deploy to save and deploy the configuration.

      A confirmation message is displayed indicating that the job is created and subsequently that the job was successful. You can click Deploy History to view the job logs.

    7. Click Cancel to go back to the Pop-Name page.
  • Monitoring screen events—From Cloud CPE Solution Release 3.2 onward, you can view and monitor screen events from the Screen Events page. To access this page, select Monitor > Security Events > Screen in Customer Portal.

    You can use the Screen Events page to view information about screen events based on screen options:

    • The information displayed about screen events includes information about ICMP screening, IP screening, TCP screening, and UDP screening.
    • You can use the time-range slider to focus on the period in which you are most interested. After you select the time range, all of the data presented in your view is refreshed automatically. You can also use the Custom button to set a custom time range.
    • There are two ways to view your data—summary view and detailed view. To view summary data, click the Summary View tab; to view detailed data, click the Detail View tab.

Modified: 2017-12-17