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Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in Juniper Networks Cloud CPE Solution Release 3.1.1.

  • A tenant user must have the administrator role to create HEAT stacks in Contrail. [CXU-5683]
  • Sometimes, an operation fails due to token expiry. [CXU-10809]
  • The device status is not changed from PROVISIONED_FAILED to PROVISIONED after the deployment of the LAN segment is successful. [CXU-11874]
  • The activation of an SRX Series spoke device fails. [CXU-11926]
  • The timedatectl command cannot access the NTP server IP address and is not accessible outside of Juniper Networks. [CXU-12113]
  • Load service data fails with the import error in the publish_data_to_design_tools for the Distributed_Cloud_CPE_Network_Service_Controller_3.1 package. [CXU-12137]
  • Setup assist fails with a key error for the can2 and can3 IP addresses, if you select deployment_mode as trial. [CXU-12153]
  • During the NFX Series spoke activation with all interfaces using DHCP and using a single SSH option, ZTP fails while switching the wan_ip from jdm to gwr. [CXU-12185]
  • Pre-defined stage-2 configuration cannot be pushed via service activation. [CXU-12198]
  • When you delete the LAN segment, the configuration is not removed from NFX Series device. [CXU-12216]
  • The deploy infrastructure fails with the error ERROR State module_|-nodelabel-|-deployutils.execCommandTillItSucceeds, if the microservice VMs are not able to access [CXU-12287]
  • The client side thread (greeenlet) remains in "stuck" state. This behavior is most prominent during bursty traffic. [CXU-12448]
  • Remove site fails with an error when you remove the LAN segment configuration from JDM. [CXU-12500]
  • Add the default read_timeout to avoid TCP half-open issue in VncApi. [CXU-12503]
  • A firewall policy deployment fails and Redis timeout error is seen in the job logs. [CXU-12565]
  • CSO 3.1 UI session extension issues. [CXU-12622]
  • Configuring an untagged LAN port breaks the device deletion workflow. [CXU-12625]
  • During the deployment of a firewall policy, the notification of deployment_configuration_job to AllSite_FW_Policy is lost. [CXU-12738]
  • Apps search does not give expected results. [CXU-12799]
  • GUI alarms are not shown on the Overview tab of the site. [CXU-12801]
  • Remove Fortinet device family from predefined data. [CXU-12823]
  • Cannot delete a LAN segment from the CSO GUI. [CXU-12825]
  • The CSO 3.1 installer does not contain all required packages. [CXU-12830]
  • On removing a site with an NFX Series or an SRX Series device, a part of the configuration remains on the hub and the VRR. [CXU-12831]
  • The 0/0 announced by the hub inside Internet routing table is broken. [CXU-12859]
  • Schedule deploy job fails for NAT deployments. [CXU-12956]
  • The regional VIP address is not configured in regional-lbvm VMs. [CXU-13020]
  • In some cases, when an SRX configuration request fails, DCS restarts with an exception. [CXU-13041]
  • The csp-regional-msvm1 server is non-responsive. [CXU-13074]
  • Dynamic SLA not respected for SSL. [CXU-13115]
  • No link failover takes place when the SLA is not met. [CXU-13118]
  • WAN monitoring page does not show the proper information. [CXU-13120]
  • Saved firewall policy definitions are not loaded back in the GUI. [CXU-13187]
  • Delete tenant fails because department references still exist. [CXU-13188]
  • Delete site fails for a site with an NFX Series device. [CXU-13202]
  • Site recall with vSRX does not remove the site fully even though the job is successful. [CXU-13206]
  • NFX Series device activation fails. [CXU-13207]
  • ZTP for the hub fails on the first attempt but gets through on retry. [CXU-13272]
  • Job is stuck in "in-progress" status even after all the sub-tasks are marked “success”. [CXU-13284]
  • Update the Celery version for the PSLAM service. [CXU-13320]
  • Shared object Celery should have correct version of the Celery. [CXU-13321]
  • Device status does not change to FAILED if activation fails. [CXU-13324]
  • Deletion of a LAN Segment does not work for a site with NFX Series device. [CXU-13340]
  • Reports are not generated and an Internal Server Error is returned. [CXU-13356]
  • Infra deployment central fails most of the time initially due to the ntpdate. [CXU-13366]
  • Recall hub fails because the spoke reference is not deleted from the hub device object. [CXU-13369]
  • SRX_Managed_Internet_CPE option needs to be removed from CSO 3.1.1. [CXU-13371]
  • NFX Series device spoke activation fails. [CXU-13373]
  • High availability: Central infra deployment fails. [CXU-13400]
  • Default VPN creation fails during the tenant creation workflow. [CXU-13430]
  • On recall, the cloud hub, shared hub device stops showing up on the GUI. [CXU-13449]
  • After ZTP is successful, activate site still shows up as "Detecting Device". [CXU-13450]
  • The critical alarm count not cleared for one spoke site. [CXU-13456]
  • Security management apps throw ERROR level ServiceInstance null is not yet readylogs every second. [CXU-13466]
  • Duplicate SD-WAN events are displayed in the SD-WAN events page. [CXU-13515]
  • LAN segments are not deleted from the UI and the device status changes to "PROVISION_FAILED". [CXU-13555]
  • Alarms shown in the Recent Alerts widget and Site Alerts page do not match; cleared alerts are still seen in the Recent Alerts widget. [CXU-13563]
  • Tenant deletion fails when provisioned sites are present. [CXU-13574]
  • Deletion of a spoke provisioned in a tenant with a cloud hub does not delete the spoke from the UI. [CXU-13601]

Modified: 2017-11-14