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    Uploading Licenses

    Before you install a license, you must upload it to Contrail Service Orchestration. You can upload licenses through Administration Portal or the API.

    Uploading Licenses with Administration Portal

    To upload a licenses through Administration Portal:

    1. Select Resources > Software Images > Licenses.
    2. Click the plus icon (+).
    3. Specify the settings for the license file.
    4. Click Upload.

    Uploading Licenses Through the API

    To upload a license through the API, use the following curl command:

    curl - v POST - F "imagefile=@license.txt" - F "cname=filename" - F "description=description" - F "device_family=product-series" - F "vendor=vendor-name" - F "major_version=major-version" - F "minor_version=minor-version" - F build_num="build-number" - F "supported_platform=platform " - F "image_type=image-type" - H "X - AUTH - TOKEN:" http://central-ms-ip-address/ims-central/upload_image_file


    • filename—Name of a a license file
    • (Optional) description—Text that provides some information about the license
    • product-series—Name of the product family
    • vendor-name—Name of vendor for the product
    • major-version—Major version of the software release
    • (Optional) minor-version—Minor version of the software release
    • (Optional) build-number—Build number of the software release
    • (Optional) platform—Name of the product
    • (Optional) image-type—Type of image
    • central-ms-ip-address—IP address of the central microservices host

    For example:

    ubuntu@vm1:~$ curl - v POST - F "imagefile=@license.txt" - F "cname=license1 " - F "description=SRX license file" - F "device_family=SRX " - F "vendor=juniper" - F "major_version=15" - F "minor_version=1" - F build_num="1.1.1" - F "supported_platform=SRX " - F "image_type=SRX_LICENSE_FILE " - H "X - AUTH - TOKEN:"

    Modified: 2017-02-07