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Resolved Issues

This section lists fixed issues for the Juniper Networks Cloud CPE Solution Release 3.0.

  • You cannot reorder firewall rules for a network service in Customer Portal. Firewall rules are applied in the order that they appear.

    Workaround: Delete the firewall rules and reconfigure them in the order that Contrail Service Orchestration should apply them.


  • If a VNF fails, there might be a short delay before the recovery process begins.

    Workaround: Monitor the recovery process to ensure that the VNF restarts after a short while.


  • The network service recovery process might fail because Contrail Service Orchestration cannot retrieve the configuration settings for the VNF.

    Workaround: Terminate the VNF process and restart the VNF from the command line.


  • Installation of more than 300 licenses might fail with a timeout error.

    Workaround: Repeat the installation.


  • After you activate an SRX Series Services Gateway in Customer Portal and then deactivate it, the GUI might still show the status of the device as Activating on the Monitor page.

    Workaround: Refresh the Monitor page in Customer Portal.


  • Logs for CPE devices in Customer Portal do not specify whether or not the deployment of a VNF is successful.

    Workaround: None


  • If you create multiple rules for APBR and then delete them, Customer Portal still displays the first rule that you configured.

    Workaround: Click OK to close the page, then reopen it. The first rule that you created is no longer visible.


  • You cannot deactivate—delete the object for—an NFX250 device that uses the device template NFX_deployment_option_4 through Administration Portal or the API.

    Workaround: Use the API with the forced recall option to delete the CPE object. [CXU-6130]

Modified: 2017-04-27