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Installation Instructions

To install Release 3.0.1 of the CSO software for Cloud CPE solution, follow the instructions in the Read Me file that is included with the software installation package.

Two CSO installers are available:

  • A plug-and play-installer for a demo environment This installer offers a snapshot version of CSO that you can install in a few minutes by copying the installer tar file to the CSO server, expanding the tar file, and running the installer. The installation settings, such as the VM resources, are fixed and you cannot modify them.
  • A full-version installer You must use this installer for a production environment and you can use it for install a demo environment if you want to be able to customize the installation settings. After copying the installer tar file to the CSO server and expanding the tar file, you provision the VMs, and run a script to create a file of settings for the installation. You then run the installer, which takes approximately an hour to install CSO. Finally you start the CSO infrastructure services and microservices.

You do not need Internet access from the CSO server to install CSO.

Modified: 2017-07-25