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Resolved Issues

This section lists fixed issues for the Juniper Networks Cloud CPE Solution Release 3.0.1.

  • Remote activation of an NFX250 device might fail because a VNF can not be activated.

    Workaround: Use Administration portal to delete the device and then re-configure its activation data. [CXU-6576 ]

  • Remote activation of an NFX Series CPE device configured for SD-WAN might fail.

    Workaround: Repeat the activation for the CPE device.


  • The design tools might not be available when you install Contrail Service Orchestration.

    Workaround: Log in to the centralmsvm VM as rootand restart the restart the csp-design-tools pod.


  • If you import a JSON file that contains details of multiple CPE devices into Administration Portal, some devices might not be detected.

    Workaround: Reimport the JSON file.


  • Device templates do not contain an option that provides the IP address and port details that customers need to log into a VNF on an NFX Series device.

    Workaround: Log in to the NFX Series device through the console and get the IP address of the gateway router’s internet ports.


  • You cannot use the Activate Device option in Customer Portal to activate a vSRX CPE device.

    Workaround: Copy the stage-1 configuration for the device from the Monitor page in Customer Portal to the console screen of the vSRX instance and commit the configuration.


  • The utility on the Monitor page in Customer Portal for dragging and dropping a network service might not work.

    Workaround: Clear your browser cache and repeat the drag and drop operation.


  • The Activate Device status for an on-premise site on the Monitor page in Customer Portal might persist after you activate the CPE device.

    Workaround: After you activate a device, log out of Customer Portal and log in again. Customer Portal displays the correct status for the device activation.


  • The provision_vm tool that you can use to provision virtual machines during the installtion of Contrail Service Orchestration requires Internet access.

    Workaround: Provision the VMs manually if you do not use Internet access for the installation.


  • Application data on an SD-WAN link for an SRX Series CPE device might not be visible.

    Workaround: None


Modified: 2017-07-27