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    Uploading the Cisco CSR-1000V VNF Image for a Centralized Deployment

    You use this process to make the Cisco CSR-1000V VNF available in a centralized deployment.

    To create an Cisco CSR-1000V VNF image:

    1. Log into the Contrail controller node.
    2. Create a new flavor with 3 vCPUS in Contrail OpenStack.

      For example:

      root@host:# openstack flavor create p1.csr_flavor --ram 4096 --disk 0 --vcpus 3
    3. Upload the Cisco CSR-1000V image into the Glance software.

      For example:

      root@host:/# glance image-create --name csr1000v-img --is-public True --container-format bare --disk-format qcow2 < cisco-csr1000v-img

    4. Create an instance of the image called csr1000v-img in this directory.

      For example:

      root@host:~/images# nova boot --flavor m1.csr_flavor --image csr1000v-img --nic net-id=MGMT_NET_ID --nic net-id=LEFT_NET_ID --nic net-id=RIGHT_NET_ID --security-group default

    5. From the OpenStack GUI, log in to the instance using the management IP address as the username and without a password.
    6. Configure the following settings for the instance:
      vrf definition Mgmt-intf
      	address-family ipv4
      enable password passw0rd
      ip vrf mgmt
      username root privilege 15 password 0 passw0rd
      ip ssh version 2
      interface GigabitEthernet1
       	ip vrf forwarding mgmt
       	ip address dhcp
       	negotiation auto
      line vty 0
       	exec-timeout 60 0
       	privilege level 15
       	password passw0rd
       	login local
       	transport input telnet ssh
    7. Take a snapshot of the instance.
      1. Close the instance.

        For example:

        root@host:~/images# sudo shutdown -h now

      2. From the OpenStack Instances page, select Create Snapshot for this instance, and specify the name of the image as csr1000v-img.

    Modified: 2017-02-05