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    High Availability in the Cloud CPE Solution

    The Cloud CPE solution offers a robust Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) implementation with resiliency for the following features:

    • You can install Contrail Service Orchestration with high availability for infrastructure services in a production environment. Each infrastructure service resides on multiple hosts and if an application on the primary host fails, a corresponding application on another host takes over.
    • Contrail Service Orchestration provides additional resiliency for VNFs and network services. If a network service becomes unavailable due to a connectivity issue with a VNF, Network Service Orchestrator maintains existing instances of the network service in end users’ networks and initiates recreation of the VNFs. During this recovery process, the end user cannot activate the network service on additional network links. When the problem is resolved, normal operation resumes and end users can activate the network service on additional network links.

    You can also install the centralized deployment on a Contrail OpenStack instance that you configure for high availability. This Contrail OpenStack instance includes three Contrail controller nodes in the Contrail Cloud Platform, and provides resiliency for virtualized infrastructure managers (VIMs), virtualized network functions (VNFs), and network services.

    Modified: 2017-02-07