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Resolved Issues

This section lists resolved issues for the Cloud CPE Solution Release 2.1.

  • If you create objects such as EMS, VIMs, or sites with the APIs, then you cannot edit them in Administration Portal. If you need to modify an object, you must use REST API calls to modify them. If you create these type of objects in Administration Portal, you can edit them with Administration Portal. [CXU-1756]
  • You cannot delete a VIM or an EMS independently of a POP in Administration Portal. When you delete a POP, the VIM and EMS associated with it are also deleted. [CXU-2477]
  • Administration Portal does not include logs about configuring PNEs. [CXU-2559]
  • In Customer Portal, the percentage (%) indicator that shows progress of a service activation may not display the correct value.

    Workaround: None [CXU-2763]

  • The default action for a firewall policy rule on the NFX250 device is Deny. [CXU-2799]
  • A firewall service is always included in a service chain for a distributed deployment. You cannot remove the firewall service from an NFX250 device in Customer Portal. [CXU-2802]
  • Occasionally, a Cisco CSR-1000V VNF may restart multiple times after it fails.

    Workaround: Delete the recovery process and restart the VNF from the command line. [CXU-2840]

  • You cannot delete part of a PNE configuration for a centralized deployment.

    Workaround: Delete the PNE and add it again with the required settings. [CXU-2847]

  • The recovery process for a VNF may fail with the error Configuration with CMS job ID 'None', status 'None' failed.

    Workaround: Terminate the VNF process and restart the VNF from the command line. [CXU-2852]

  • You may not be able to configure VLANs on a CPE device in Customer Portal.

    Workaround: Use the default username and password (cspadmin and passw0rd) instead of the username and password that you configured for the customer. [CXU-3523]

  • If you do not specify optional settings about a license that you want to upload in Administration Portal, the upload fails.

    Workaround: Specify optional settings for a license that you want to upload through Administration Portal. [CXU-3706]

  • You cannot use the Silver Peak VX VNF.

    Workaround: None [CXU-3803]

  • When you use an SRX Series Services Gateway as a CPE device for a tenant that already has sites that use NFX250 CPE devices, authentication of the SRX Series Services Gateway through SSH may fail.

    Workaround: Do not use a combination of NFX250 devices and SRX Series Services Gateways as CPE devices at different sites for the same tenant. [CXU-3834]

  • When you configure a VNF in Network Service Designer, values that you add for a field that accepts multiple values do not appear in the GUI.

    Workaround: After you specify in value in the field, use the drop-down menu for the field to again select each value that you want to use. [CXU-3874]

  • A VNF that provides vSRX functionality with the Junos Space EMS is not available in Network Service Designer.

    Workaround: Use the VNF that provides vSRX functionality with the EMS microservice for a centralized deployment. [CXU-3878]

  • Configuration of an MX Series Router as an SDN gateway with the Juniper-MX-MIS device template fails.

    Workaround: Use the Juniper-MX device template. [CXU-3879]

Modified: 2017-02-07