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    Removing a Previous Deployment

    If you are upgrading from a previous version of Cloud CPE Centralized Deployment Model, you can remove the existing virtual machines (VMs) and perform a completely new installation. This approach makes sense if the architecture of the VMs on the Contrail Service Orchestration node or server has changed significantly between releases and if you use the KVM hypervisor, in which case you can use the provisioning tool to set up the VMs on the node.

    Modifying the VMs manually rather than removing a previous deployment is more efficient when you use a hypervisor other than KVM, because in this case you cannot use the provisioning tool , and must make manual modifications anyway.

    To remove a previous installation:

    1. Remove VMs on the physical server.
      1. Log in to the Contrail Service Orchestration node or server as root.
      2. View the list of VMs.

        For example:

        root@host:~/# virsh list - -all

        This command lists the existing VMs.

      3. Remove each VM and its contents.

        For example:

        root@host:~/# virsh destroy csp-ui-vm
        root@host:~/# virsh undefine csp-ui-vm
      4. Remove the /root/ubuntu_vm directory from the node.

        For example:

        root@host:~/# rm -rf /root/ubuntu_vm
    2. On the csp-installer-vm installer, delete the Salt server keys.

      For example:

      root@host:~/# salt-key -D

    Modified: 2016-10-12