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Resolved Issues

This section lists resolved issues for the Cloud CPE Solution Release 2.0.

  • You can only view data about active network services in Customer Portal for a centralized deployment. You cannot view data about active network services in Customer Portal for a distributed deployment. [CXU-2293]
  • You cannot share an Internet virtual network among multiple customers. You must create a dedicated Internet virtual network for each customer. [CXU-2328]
  • Activation. configuration, and termination operations for a network service in Customer Portal may persist without completing.

    Workaround: Remove the network service from the connection and add the service to the connection again, then repeat the operation. [CXU-2390]

  • Some logs are not included on the Kibana dashboard. Workaround: Use the command line to view the logs. [CXU-2505]
  • When you add a resource pool to a VIM in Administration Portal, the operation takes a couple of seconds to complete.

    Workaround: Wait for a few seconds for the display to refresh itself. [CXU-2526]

  • You cannot configure a subnet mask for a PNE VLAN interface address in Administration Portal.

    Workaround: Do not configure VLAN interfaces for a PNE. [CXU-2557]

  • When you configure a PNE for a site, you see the error message unable to get current config.

    Workaround: Close the error message and proceed with the configuration. [CXU-2560]

  • When you view a PNE configuration for a site in Administration Portal, you may see the PNE configuration for a different site, although the actual configuration for the site is correct.

    Workaround: Use API calls to check the PNE configuration for a site. [CXU-2562]

  • If you delete a tenant and then add the tenant again, the operation may fail.

    Workaround: Create a new tenant without deleting the previous tenant. [CXU-2576]

  • The start process for a VNF may fail to complete.

    Workaround: Terminate the start process and restart the VNF from the command line. [CXU-2594]

  • Customer Portal displays the Configure option for inactive sites.

    Workaround: Ignore the Configure option for inactive sites. [CXU-2612]

  • Administration Portal may not display all the sites that you add.

    Workaround: Use API calls to view the sites that you configured. [CXU-2631]

  • When you upload a JSON file of POP data in Administration Portal, some VIMs may not be created.

    Workaround: Add the missing VIMs individually through the GUI in Administration Portal. [CXU-2632]

  • A VIM deletion operation may fail if a tenant is has sites in multiple POPs and you delete the tenant before you delete the VIMs.

    Workaround: Delete a VIM in the POP before you delete tenants. [CXU-2656]

Modified: 2016-11-21