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Known Issues

This section lists known issues for the Cloud CPE Solution Release 2.0.

  • Service and Infrastructure Monitor may not display host and network service data. This issue does not affect the operation on the Cloud CPE Solution.

    Workaround: Use API calls to view the data. [CD-340]

  • Administration Portal may take a short while to update data fields after you delete objects. [CXU-1806]
  • Some notifications about the success or failure of create and delete operations in Administration Portal are difficult to understand.

    Workaround: Monitor the status of the object in the object table. [CXU-2364]

  • In Customer Portal, the percentage (%) indicator that shows progress of a service activation may not display the correct value.

    Workaround: None [CXU-2763]

  • You cannot reorder firewall rules for a network service in Customer Portal, and firewall rules are applied in the order that they appear.

    Workaround: Delete the firewall rule and reconfigure them in the order that Contrail Service Orchestration should apply them. [CXU-2800]

  • If a VNF fails, there may be a short delay before the recovery process begins.

    Workaround: Monitor the recovery process to ensure that the VNF restarts after a short while. [CXU-2836]

  • Occasionally, a Cisco CSR-1000V VNF may restart multiple times after it fails.

    Workaround: Delete the recovery process and restart the VNF from the command line. [CXU-2840]

  • You cannot add a firewall rule for the UTM function in a network service that uses the vSRX VNF. [CXU-2846]
  • You cannot delete part of a PNE configuration for a centralized deployment.

    Workaround: Delete the PNE and add it again with the required settings. [CXU-2847]

  • The recovery process for a VNF may fail with the error Configuration with CMS job ID 'None', status 'None' failed.

    Workaround: Terminate the VNF process and restart the VNF from the command line. [CXU-2852]

  • The network service recovery process may fail because Contrail Service Orchestration cannot retrieve the configuration settings for the VNF.

    Workaround: Terminate the VNF process and restart the VNF from the command line. [CXU-2860]

Modified: 2016-11-21