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    Deploying the Cloud CPE Centralized Deployment Model Installer

    Before you deploy the installer:

    1. Create a VM with the following resources on a server that is on the same subnet but is separate from the server cluster for the Cloud CPE Centralized Deployment Model:
      • 6 vCPUs
      • 10 GB RAM
      • 100 GB hard disk storage
    2. Open the following ports on the VM:
      • 4505
      • 4506
    3. Configure DNS and connectivity to the Internet on the VM.
    4. From the installer VM, verify that you can ping the IP addresses and hostnames of all servers used in the Cloud CPE Centralized Deployment Model.

    To deploy the installer:

    1. Log in to the installer VM as root.

      The current directory is the home directory.

    2. Copy the installer package to this directory.
    3. Expand the installer package, which has a name specific to the release. For example, if the name of the installer package is cspVersion.tar.gz:
      root@host:~/# tar –xvf cspVersion.tar.gz

      The expanded package is a directory that has the same name as the installer file and contains the installation files.

    4. Access the directory that contains the installation files. For example:
      root@host:~/# cd cspVersion
    5. Set up the installer.
      root@host:~/cspVersion# ./

      Setting up the installer deploys the following applications:

      • Contrail Server Manager, which deploys Contrail Cloud Platform
      • Salt Master, which deploys other components in the Cloud CPE Centralized Deployment Model
      • Third-party software images and libraries.

    Modified: 2016-01-27