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    Creating a Default Tenant Type

    The default tenant type defines the default resources assigned to new customers that you create. Complete this procedure once during installation and initial configuration of the Cloud CPE Centralized Deployment Model, before you create customers. You can update the default tenant type later.

    This procedure uses the following Identity and Access Manager API:

    To create a default tenant type:

    1. Create an input file.
      For example:
      ubuntu@vm1:~$cat tenant-type.json
          "tenant-type": {
              "fq_name": [
              "resource_limit": {
                  "bandwidth": 100,
                  "cores": 20,
                  "ns_instances": 20,
                  "ram": 102400,
                  "vl_instances": 80,
                  "vm_instances": 80,
                  "vnf_instances": 20,
                  "volume_size": 200,
                  "volumes": 200
              "type_name": "default"
    2. Issue a REST call to create the tenant type.
      For example:
      ubuntu@vm1:~$ curl -X POST -D headers -H "content-type:application/json" -H "x-auth-token:$OS_TOKEN" -d @tenant-type.json

    Modified: 2016-01-28