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    Allocating Network Services to a Customer

    After you import the network service descriptors (NSDs) as network service profiles from Network Service Orchestrator into Tenant, Site and Service Manager, you must allocate one or more profiles to the customer. After the allocation, users can see and activate the network services in Customer Portal.

    This procedure uses the following Cloud CPE Tenant, Site and Service Manager API: http://server-IP-address:9788/csas/customers/customer-identifier/nfv-service-profiles

    Table 1 shows the variables and fields that you must specify for this procedure.

    Table 1: Required Variables and Fields for Allocating a Network Service Profile to a Customer

    Variable or Field




    Identifier for the customer in Cloud CPE Tenant, Site and Service Manager (returned when you create a customer)


    uuid (network service profile)

    Identifier for network service profile that you obtained when you imported the network service profile into Cloud CPE Tenant, Site and Service Manager


    To allocate a network service profile to a customer:

    1. Using the identifier for the network service profile, create an input file.
      For example:
      ubuntu@vm1:~$cat attach_nsp.json
        "uuid" : "8c462e45-e5be-4944-90e4-c017a105a287"
    2. Issue a REST call to allocate the network service profile to the customer.
      For example:

      The API returns the identifier for the customer.
      For example:

      ubuntu@vm1:~$ curl -X POST -D headers -H "content-type:application/json" -H "x-auth-token:$OS_TOKEN"
      csas/customers/d1a671b0-cb18-4975-be60-03057f1056de/nfv-service-profiles -d @attach_nsp.json
      {"uuid": "d1a671b0-cb18-4975-be60-03057f1056de"}

    Modified: 2016-01-29