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Chapter 3. Installing MWS1000

3.1. Connecting Power to AC-Powered MWS1000
3.2. Connecting Power to DC-Powered MWS1000
3.3. RJ-45 Console Connector Pinout
To install a MWS1000:
  1. Place the shipping container on a flat surface and remove the hardware components.
  2. Attach the supplied mounting ears and brackets based on whether you intend to use a front-mounting method or a mid-appliance mounting method.
  3. Lift the appliance and insert it in the desired location in the rack. We recommend that you install the appliance with two people; one to lift and one to put the screws in.
  4. Align the holes on the mounting brackets with the holes on both sides of the equipment rack.
  5. Secure the appliance to the rack.
  6. Connect power to the appliance.
  7. To connect to a local management device, plug the supplied cat-5 cable into the console port on the front panel.
  8. To connect to your network, plug cat-5 cables into Ethernet ports 2 or 3 on the front panel.
  9. For a High Availability set up, plug the 10GbE cable into port 0 or 1 on the 10GbE NIC. (They will be configured as eth4 and eth5 in the setup, respectively.)
  10. Power on the appliance. When you turn on the power, the internal port uses its two LEDs to indicate the LAN connection status.

3.1. Connecting Power to AC-Powered MWS1000

The power supply in a Virtual Services Engine is located on the rear panel. To connect AC power to the appliance, plug both cords in and then turn the power on.