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Monitor Address Pools


You are here: Monitor > Access > Address Pools.

Use this page to view the properties and assignments of the address pool.


This option is not available in SRX5000 line of devices and SRX4000 line of devices.

Table 1 describes the fields on the Address Pools page.

Table 1: Fields on the Address Pools Page



Address Pool Properties

Address Pool

Select an address pool to view its properties and assignments.

Refresh Button

Refreshes the data of the address pool assignment.

Address Pool Name

Displays the name of the address pool.

Network Address

Displays the IP network address of the address pool.

Address Ranges

Displays the name, the lower limit, and the upper limit of the address range.

Primary DNS

Displays the primary-dns IP address.

Secondary DNS

Displays the secondary-dns IP address.

Primary WINS

Displays the primary-wins IP address.

Secondary WINS

Displays the secondary-wins IP address.

Address Pool Address Assignment

IP Address

Displays the IP address of the address pool.

Hardware Address

Displays the hardware MAC address of the address pool.


Displays the user name using the address pool.


Displays the authentication type used by the address pool

Note: The authentication types can be extended authentication (XAuth) or IKE Authentication.

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