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About the Trusted Certificate Authority Page

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SSL forward proxy ensures secure transmission of data between a client and a server. Before establishing a secure connection, SSL forward proxy checks certificate authority (CA) certificates to verify signatures on server certificates. For this reason, a reasonable list of trusted CA certificates is required to effectively authenticate servers.

You can perform the following tasks:

Table 127 provides the details of the fields of the Trusted Certificate Authority Page.

Table 127: Fields on Trusted Certificate Authority Page



CA Profile

Displays the name of the CA profile.

Certificate ID

Displays the CA certificate ID.

Issuer Org

Displays the issuer organizational name.


Displays the status of the CA certificate.

For example:

  • Valid.

  • Expires in number of day(s).

  • Expired.

  • Download Required. This status is for a CA profile with manual enrollment.

  • Enrollment Required. This status is for a CA profile with automatic enrollment.

Expiration Date

Displays CA certificate expiration date.

Encryption Type

Displays whether the algorithm of the certificate is RSA, DSA, or ECDSA encryption.

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