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Import a Device Certificate


To import a device certificate:

  1. Select Device Administration > Certificate Management > Device Certificates.
  2. Click Import.

    The Import Certificate page appears.

  3. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 123.
  4. Click OK to import the certificate.

    You are taken to the Device Certificates page. If the certificate content that you imported is validated successfully, a confirmation message is displayed; if not, an error message is displayed.

    After importing a certificate, you can use it when you create an SSL proxy profile and for IPsec VPN peers authentication.

  5. Click Cancel to cancel your entries and returns to the Device Certificates page.

Table 123: Fields on the Import Certificate Page




Select an option to specify whether the certificate that you are importing is an Externally Generated Certificate or a CSR.

Certificate ID

Enter a unique value for the certificate ID for an externally generated certificate.

Select an option from the list to specify the certificate ID for a CSR.

File path for Certificate

Click Browse to navigate to the path from where you want to import the certificate.

File path for Private Key

Click Browse to navigate to the path from where you want to import the private key.


Enter the passphrase used to protect the private key or key pair of the certificate file.

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