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Monitor Screen Counters


You are here: Monitor > Security Services > Screen Counters.

Use this page to view screen statistics for a specified security zone.

Table 1 describes the fields on the Screen Counters page.

Table 1: Fields on the Screen Counters Page




Select a type of screen counter:

  • I/F—Displays the interfaces monitored by the IDS attack type and counter value.

  • Zone—Displays the zone name for IDS attack type.

Select a value

Select a value for the Type of screen counter from the list.

Disable Log

Enables you to disable the log.

Refresh Interval

Indicates the duration of time after which you want the data on the page to be refreshed.


Click the refresh icon at the top right corner to display the fresh content.


Clears all the data from the display page.

IDS attack type

Displays the type of IDS attacks.


Displays the number of times the attacks took place.


Displays the log for the IDS attacks.

Screen Counter Hits

Displays the details of the screen counter hits.

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