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Monitor Application Firewalls


You are here: Monitor > Security Services > Application FW.

Use this page to view rule set, rules in selected rule set, and counters for selected rule-set.

Table 1 describes the fields on the Application FW page.

Table 1: Fields on the Application FW Page



Rule Set


Displays the rule sets configured for the device.

Select a rule set to display its associated rules and counters in the lower panes.

Default Rule

Displays the action taken when traffic does not match any of the associated rules.

  • permit—Permits all traffic that does not match any rule in the rule set.

  • deny—Denies all traffic that does not match any rule in the rule set.


Displays the rule names associated with the rule set.


Click the refresh icon at the top right corner to display the fresh content.

Rules in Selected Rule Set

Rule Name

Lists the names of the rules included in the rule set.

Match Dynamic Applications

Displays the dynamic applications used as match criteria for the associated rule.


Displays the action to be taken if the traffic matches the associated rule’s match criteria.

  • permit—Permits traffic that matches the rule.

  • deny—Denies traffic that matches the rule.

Counters for Selected Rule-Set

Refresh interval (sec)

Specifies the interval in seconds when counter values are refreshed.


Displays the counter for rule in the rule set


Displays the value for rule in the rule set

Clear Statistics

Clears the statistics in the associated pane.

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