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You are here: Configure > Security Services > Security Policy > Rules.

Use this page to get a high-level view of your firewall policy rules settings. The security policy applies the security rules to the transit traffic within a context (from-zone to to-zone). The traffic is classified by matching its source and destination zones, the source and destination addresses, and the application that the traffic carries in its protocol headers with the policy database in the data plane

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Table 183 describes few more options on Rules.

Table 183: More options on Rules



Add Rule Before

Adds a new rule before the selected rule.

Add Rule After

Adds a new rule after the selected rule.


Copies a selected rule and enables you to paste it before or after the selected rule.


Removes the selected rule from its row and enables you to paste it before or after the selected rule.


Pastes the copied or cut rule before or after the rule selected for copy.


Clones or copies the selected firewall policy configuration and enables you to update the details of the rule.

Move Rule

Organizes records. Select a rule and choose Move up, Move down, Move to top, or Move to bottom to reposition the rule.

Clear Selection

Clears the selection of those rules that are selected.

Field Descriptions

Table 184 describes the fields on the Policy Rules page.

Table 184: Fields on the Policy Rules page




Displays the sequence number of rules in a zone pair.

Hit Count

Displays the number of hits the rule has encountered.

Rule Name

Displays the rule name.

Source Zone

Displays the source zone that is specified in the zone pair for the rule.

Source Address

Displays the name of the source address or address set for the rule.

Source Identity

Displays the user identity of the rule.

Destination Zone

Displays the destination zone that is specified in the zone pair for the rule.

Destination Address

Displays the name of the destination address or address set for the rule.

Dynamic Application

Displays the dynamic application names for match criteria in application firewall rule set.

An application firewall configuration permits, rejects, or denies traffic based on the application of the traffic.


Displays the type of service for the destination of the rule.

URL Category

Displays the URL category that you want to match criteria for web filtering category.


Displays the actions that need to take place on the traffic as it passes through the firewall.

Rule Options

Displays the rule option while permitting the traffic.

Advanced Security

Displays the security option that apply for this rule.

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