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Upload Software Packages

You are here: Administration > Devices > Software > Upload Package.

You can upload a software package file to the device for installation.


To upload software packages:

  1. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 310.

    Table 310: Upload Package Maintenance Options



    File to Upload

    Enter the location of the software package on the local system, or click Choose File to navigate to the location.

    Reboot If Required

    Select the check box to automatically reboot when the upgrade is complete.

    Do not save backup

    Select the check box so that backup copy of the current Junos OS package is not saved.

    Format and re-partition the media before installation

    Note: This option is not available for SRX4600 devices.

    Select the check box to format the internal media with dual-root partitioning.

  2. Click Upload and Install Package.

    The software is activated after the device has rebooted.

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