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Monitor Rewrite Rules

You are here: Monitor > Class of Service > Rewrite Rules.

Use this page to view information about routes in a routing table, including destination, protocol, state, and parameter information.

Table 65 describes the fields on the Rewrite Rules page.

Table 65: Fields on the Rewrite Rules Page



Rewrite Rule Name

Names of rewrite rules.

CoS Value Type

Rewrite rule type:

  • dscp—For IPv4 DiffServ traffic.

  • dscp-ipv6—For IPv6 DiffServ traffic.

  • exp—For MPLS traffic.

  • ieee-802.1—For Layer 2 traffic.

  • inet-precedence—For IPv4 traffic.

To display forwarding classes, loss priorities, and rewritten CoS values, click the plus sign (+).


Internal index for this particular rewrite rule.

Forwarding Class

Forwarding class that in combination with loss priority is used to determine CoS values for rewriting.

Rewrite rules are applied to CoS values in outgoing packets based on forwarding class and loss priority setting.

Loss Priority

Loss priority that in combination with forwarding class is used to determine CoS values for rewriting.

Rewrite CoS Value To

Value that the CoS value is rewritten to.

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