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Monitor RED Drop Profiles

You are here: Monitor > Class of Service > RED Drop Profiles.

Use this page to view information about routes in a routing table, including destination, protocol, state, and parameter information.

Table 63 describes the fields on the RED Drop Profiles page.

Table 63: Fields on the RED Drop Profiles Page



RED Drop Profile Name

Name of the RED drop profile.

A drop profile consists of pairs of values between 0 and 100, one for queue buffer fill level and one for drop probability, that determine the relationship between a buffer's fullness and the likelihood it will drop packets.

To display profile values, click the plus sign (+).


Type of a specific drop profile:

  • interpolated—The two coordinates (x and y) of the graph are interpolated to produce a smooth profile.

  • segmented—The two coordinates (x and y) of the graph are represented by line fragments to produce a segmented profile.


Internal index of this drop profile.

Fill Level

Percentage fullness of a buffer queue. This value is the x coordinate of the RED drop profile graph.

Drop Probability

Drop probability of a packet corresponding to a specific queue buffer fill level. This value is the y coordinate of the RED drop profile graph.

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