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Monitor Alarms

You are here: Monitor > Alarms > Alarms.

Use this page to view the alarms details such as time, severity, type, and descriptions of the alarm.

Table 16 describes the fields on the Alarms page.

Table 16: Fields on the Alarms Page



Alarm Filter

Alarm Type

Specifies the type of alarm to monitor:

  • System—System alarms include FRU detection alarms (power supplies removed, for instance).

  • Chassis—Chassis alarms indicate environmental alarms such as temperature.

  • All—Indicates to display all the types of alarms.


Enter a brief synopsis of the alarms you want to monitor.


Specifies the alarm severity that you want to monitor

  • Major—A major (red) alarm condition requires immediate action.

  • Minor—A minor (yellow) condition requires monitoring and maintenance.

  • All—Indicates to display all the severities.

Date From

Specifies the beginning of the date range that you want to monitor. Set the date using the calendar pick tool.


Specifies the end of the date range that you want to monitor. Set the date using the calendar pick tool.


Executes the options that you specified.

Alarm Details

Displays the following information about each alarm:

  • Time—Time that the alarm was registered.

  • Type—Type of alarm: System, Chassis, or All.

  • Severity—Severity class of the alarm: Minor or Major.

  • Description—Description of the alarm.

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